What we do

We provide strategy, portfolio, organization, policy and operational advice to energy companies, investment funds looking to invest in the energy sector, and NGOs/Government looking for industry expertise.

While the core support is provided by JB Renard, we can leverage a large network of experts in all areas of the Oil, Gas and Renewables sectors.  Our network is highly international.

We have also non-exclusive cooperation agreements in place with IHS-CERA and Eurogroup Consulting.

The founder and CEO, JB Renard, gives lecture at the IFP School, at the IFP training, and participates to various think tanks and forums.

Assignment 1


Review of strategy for the BtB fuels minority-owned subsidiary of a multinational company (MNC) in a large non OECD market. 

2PRC Consulting lead an intensive 3 months review with support from internal teams and proposed a full portfolio, strategic positioning and interface management review of the subsidiary. Recommendations were fully endorsed by the local Board of the MNC, as well as the Board of the subsidiary and implemented with the support of 2PR Consulting. 3 years on, and in more difficult market conditions, the structure has more than doubled its profits, and plans now to acquire new assets that will fit with this strategy and double again the size of the operations.

Assignment 2


2PR Consulting contributed, with one of its partners,  to the review of the fuels agency set up of a major European government.

Based on industry benchmarks and practices, the consulting team could highlight areas of competitiveness where changes where not to be considered, areas where significant gaps existed vs best performers, and could make recommendations on how to start filling those gaps. The client accepted the recommendations and is now into implementation.

Assignment 3


Benchmarking review for a service provider to the Oil and Gas industry.

The client is a market leader it its field, with a global customer base, in both Upstream and Downstream. In a very fragmented market with many activity sectors, the client wanted to use a thorough understanding of its competition and own positioning within this competition to review their own 2013-2020 strategy. The exercise involved interviews with customers that provided new insights and helped shaped the new strategy which will guide this company for the next 8 years.

The exercise was refreshed 2 years after, and new insights confirmed the validity of the new strategy, as well as identified a new critical area of work that should underpin the success of this strategy. All growth targets have been beaten in the meantime

Assignment 4

High impact intervention on sector strategy.

The client is an international service provider to large industrial customers with the strategic aim to aggressively develop its Oil & Gas business. With half a day of preparation and a half a day workshop with the company top leaders, 2PR Consulting reviewed the company growth strategy and recommended how this could be adapted to better cater for the specific needs of the Oil & Gas industry. The changes could be immediately implemented without further help, leading to beating the targets for the sector, and identifying further growth opportunities. Millions of Euros of revenue growth were secured with only one man-day of 2PR Consulting.