The World Economic Forum – Industry Partnership Strategy Meeting 2013

New York, USA; 2-3 October 2013 – JB Renard from 2PR Consulting was invited at that meeting designed to shape the agenda for the energy sessions of Davos 2014.

JB Renard both presented a preparation paper for the attendees, and facilitated the introductory session “Navigating the Energy Sector Transformation”
Extract from programme – Under the theme “Transformation of the Energy Industry” the Industry Partnership Strategy Meeting will engage Heads of Strategy from the energy industry in informal dialogues with a select group of policy-makers, experts and strategists from other industries. Participants will explore key trends of the evolving “energy map,” identifying boundary topics with other industries and assessing their implications on existing systems and business models. Outcomes of the discussions will help prioritize strategic issues for the Energy Community and set the agenda for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014 in Davos-Klosters]